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About me


Dr. Olga Meier, MD

Specialist in surgery with a focus on visceral surgery


+41 44 500 81 15

E-mail address


Kappelistrasse 7

8002 Zurich

I became interested in surgery of the digestive system during my studies at the University of Perugia in Italy. I then continued my training by specializing in general surgery at the San Raffaele University Hospital in Milan, Italy. I then moved to Switzerland, where I had the unique opportunity to deepen my knowledge and skills in visceral surgery (with a focus on digestive surgery) at the Zurich Surgical Center under the direction of Professor Schoeb. Working closely with Professor Jan Schmidt over the years, I was able to expand my knowledge and skills in pancreatic and liver surgery, and under the guidance of Professor Paul Magnus Schneider, I mastered the intricacies of esophageal and gastric surgery. I still work closely with both of these professors in my daily practice. Since the beginning of 2024, I have been working as a recognized surgeon at the Hirslanden and Klinik im Park in Zurich, where I also have my own practice.

I am a Swiss-Italian citizen and speak German, Italian, French and English. Thanks to my Slavic roots, I also speak fluent Russian and Ukrainian.


Core competencies

  • Surgery of the upper gastrointestinal tract with Prof. Dr. Med. Paul Magnus Schneider
    ( esophagus , stomach , duodenum)

  • Hepato-billion-pancreatic surgery with Prof. Dr. Med. Jan Schmidt (pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, liver)

  • Surgery of the lower gastrointestinal tract (large intestine, rectum, appendix, small intestine)

  • Minimally invasive surgery

  • Surgery for malignant tumors (oncological surgery)

  • Interdisciplinary treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy) of tumor diseases

  • General Surgery (Gallstones, Hernia Surgery, Diverticular Disease)



January 2024

2020 - 2023

2018 - 2019

2014 - 2019

Opening of the practice Dr. med. Olga Meier in Zurich

Affiliated physician, Klinik Hirslanden and Klinik Im Park, Zurich

Senior physician, Hirslanden Clinics, Zurich

  • Zurich Surgical Center (Prof. Othmar Schöb, Prof. Paul Schneider)

  • Swiss Surgery (Prof. Jan Schmidt)

Assistant doctor, Hirslanden Clinics, Zurich

  • Zurich Surgical Center (Prof. Othmar Schöb, Prof. Paul Schneider)

  • Swiss Surgery (Prof. Jan Schmidt)

Assistant doctor, University and Hospital Vita Salute San Raffaele, Milan, Italy

  • Upper and lower GI surgery (Prof. Riccardo Rosati)

  • Liver surgery (Prof. Luca Aldrighetti)

  • Pancreatic surgery (Prof. Massimo Falconi)

  • Transplant surgery (MD Carlo Socci)

  • Week Surgery & Emergency Surgery (MD Simona Rocchetti)

Schulen, Studium, Diplome

Schools, studies, diplomas






Main title Visceral Surgery, Zurich Surgical Center, Hirslanden Clinic (Prof. Dr. med. Othmar Schöb)

Doctorate (Dr. med.) at the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg, Germany, with Magna Cum Laude (Prof. Dr. med. Jan Schmidt)

Specialist title in general surgery, University and Hospital Vita Salute San Raffaele, Milan, Italy, with distinction: 70/70 cum laude (Prof. Riccardo Rosati)

State examination in medicine, entry in the medical register of Rome, Italy

Graduated from the University of Perugia, Italy, with honors: 110/110 cum laude

Publications by Dr. med. Olga Meier (Adamenko)

Publiziert in
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2021, October
Irrigation and passive drainage of pancreatic stump after distal pancreatectomy in high-risk patients: an innovative approach to reduce pancreatic fistula
Olga Adamenko & Carlo Ferrari & Jan Schmid
DOI: 10.1007/s00423-020-02012-9
2022, March
Prophylactic endoluminal vacuum therapy after major gastrointestinal surgery: a systematic review.
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Babu, Ealreibi Hajer, Ebrahim Hussein, Echiguer Sabrillah, Efthymiou Evripidis, Ehab Elareibi Hajer, Eid Mouhanad, Eisa Reem, Eismontas Vitalijus, Ekhmaj Reyad, Ekhmaj Reyad, El Ahmadi Brahim, El Amrani Mehdi, El Behi Amor, El Gady Ammar, El Gady Ammar, El Garhy Mahmoud, El Gohary Mohamed, El Hussain Ramadan Kamoka, El-Najjar Amro, El-Sayes Islam, Elabd Mohamed, Elbadawy Merihan A, Elbassyiouny Ahmed, Elboraei Rahma, Eldabour Ahmed, Eldaly Abdullah, Eleisawy Mahmoud, Elfiky Mahmoud, Elgarhy Ibrahim, Elgharably Ahmed Abdelfattah, Elhadi Muhammed, Elhajdawe Fras, Elhamamsy Mohamed, Elhassan Manar, Elhassouni Reda, Elkeleny Mostafa, Elkhuja Taha, Ellibady Mohamed, Elmalah Merna, Elmeteini Mahmoud, Elmorsi Rami, Elmzaien Eman, Elnabawy Dina, Elnagar Mohamed, Elnashar Amr, Elnoamany Salma, Elsaadany Reem, Elsakka Abdelrahman, Elsayed Nada, Elshafey Ahmed, Elwakil Lama, Elweza Omnia, Emad Nageeb Omar, Emar Mohammad, Emhemed Marwa, Eminesariipek N., Emral Ahmet Cihangir, Enoch Elizabeth, Entschev Alexandra, Ercolani Giorgio, Erdene Sarnai, Ertekin Suleyman, Escartín Alfredo, Esmail Muhib, Essa Mostafa, Essam Elsayed Mohamed Esraa, Fadel Bashir A., Fahim Abdelrahman, Fahmy Marina, Fairweather Mark, Fakhradiyev Ildar, Falconi Massimo, Falgueras Laia, Farag Marina, Farag Mostafa, Faragalla Hazem, Faraj Tasneem, Faraj Sireen, Fares Eleisawy Mahmoud, Farhat Heba, Farid Ahmed, Farid Mohammad, Farid Mohammad Emar Mohammad, Farkas Stefan A., Farouk Ahmed, Fathallah Dalia, Fathallah Ibrahim Dalia, Fathi Fuadi Ahmad, Fawzat Naffa' Mo'taz, Fayed Aly, Fayez Khdour Yazan, Fedele Salvatore, Felekouras Evangelos, Felli Emanuele, Feo Claudio, Fergadi Maria, Fernandes Carlos, Fernandes Teixeira Uirá, Fernández Rocio, Fernández Coimbra Felipe José, Ferrara Francesco, Ferrari Giovanni, Ferrari Carlo, Ferraro Daniele, Ferraro Daniele, Ferreira Fabio, Ferreras Martinez David, Ferrero Alessandro, Ferrone Cristina, Feryn Tom, Fichtl Jakub, Figueras Joan, Filauro Marco, Filizola Soares Machado Ivens, Fink Marcus, Fishbein Thomas, Flisińska Marta, Florez Zorrilla Carlos, Florin Graur, Fondevila Constantino, Fox Adrian, Fox Adrian, Fradelos Evangelos, Fragua Raquel Latorre, Fragulidis Georgios, Frampton Adam, Francesco Basile Prof., Frena Antonio, Frigerio Isabella, Frola Carlo, Frontali Alice, Frontali Alice, Frountzas Maximos, Fuge Matthew, Furbetta Niccolò, Fusai Giuseppe, Gachabayov Mahir, Gad Nuran, Gaedcke Jochen, Galal Ragab Mohamed, Galanopoulos Christos, Galasso Elisa, Galketiya K. B., Galun Daniel, Gamal Mohamed, Gamal Ahmed Sayed Esraa, Gamal Omar Nehal, Ganai Sabha, Gananadha Sivakumar, Garatea Grau Rafael, Garcea Giuseppe, Garces-Albir Marina, Garcia Rafael, García Santos Esther Pilar, García-Domingot María Isabel, Garcia-Herrera Juan Sebastian, Gardini Andrea, Gareb Fahed, Garnik Shatverian Dr., Garritano Stefano, Garulli Gianluca, Garzali Ibrahim Umar, Gaujoux Sebastien, Gerwash Ahmed, Ghadimi Michael, Ghalleb Montassar, Ghamarnejad Omid, Ghani Shahi, Ghannam Abdelilah, Ghatak Supriyo, Ghayth Bahroun Sumayyah, Ghazal Ahmad, Ghazi Faraj Walid, Ghedan Soliman, Ghorbani Poya, Ghunaim Mohammed, Ghushaim Mohammed, Giaccardi Stefano, Giacometti Marco, Giacometti Marco, Giakoustidis Dimitris, Giani Alessandro, Giannakopoulos Triantafyllos, Giannone Fabio, Gianotti Luca, Gianpaolo Marte, Giardino Alessandro, Gil Vazquez Pedro, Ginghina Octav, Giordano Marco, Giorgakis Emmanouil, Giovanni Terrosu, Giraudo Giorgio, Giuffrida Mario, Giuliani Antonio, Giuliante Felice, Gjoni Elson, Gkekas Ioannis, Glantzounis Georgios, Glinka Juan, Gloor Beat, Gnerlich Jennifer, Goasguen Nicolas, Gobran Mira, Gobran Mira, Goetz Mara, Goh Brian K. P, Goh Kim Poh Brian, Gohar Muhammad, Goksoy Ertugrul, Golijanin Danica, Gomes Gustavo, Gomez Dhanny, Goncalves Rinaldo, Gondolesi Gabriel E., Gonullu Emre, Gonzalez Duaigües Marta Lourdes, Gonzalez-Pinto Ignacio, Goransky Jeremias, Gordon Alexandra, Gordon-Weeks Alex, Gouazar Iltimass, Gouvas Nikolaos, Granieri Stefano, Grasso Luca, Gregorik Michal, Gregory Gordon, Griniatsos John, Groot Koerkamp Bas, Gruppo Mario, Grützmann Robert, Gryspeerdt Filip, Grzasiak Oliwia, Guerra Enilde, Gugenheim Jean, Guglielmi Alfredo, Gulati Sumit, Gulbinas Antanas, Gulla Aiste, Gullà Nino, Gumusoglu Alpen, Gunawardene Ashok, Guo Shixing, Gupta Rajesh, Gupta Rahul, Gupta Sameer, Gupta Amar, Gurrado Angela, Gusani Niraj, Gutknecht Stefan, Hackl Christina, Hagen Krista, Hager Eman, Hail Sara, Haj Hassan Bashar, Hall Kat, Hamdan Alaa, Hamdan Alaa, Hameda Mahmoud, Hamid Hytham, Hammad H., Hammed Ali, Hammed Salah, Hammoodi Hayder, Hammoudeh Ahlam, Hamner John, Hamouda Mohammed, Han Ho-Seong, Hand Fiona, Hanefa Fatema, Hanna Marya, Hansson Wennerblom Johanna, Haqq Jonathan, Hardgrave Hailey, Hardgrave Hailey, Hariharan Deepak, Harris Britney, Harroudi Tijani El, Hartman Vera, Hasab Elnabi Mahmoud, Hasan Mohammad Alzabadiah Asmaa, Hashim Hashim Talib, Hashimoto Daisuke, Hasiman Alyssa Nicole, Hassan Ramy, Hassan Mohamed, Hassan Naya, Hassan Mohamed Hamdan Eman, Hassan Mohammed Salem Rana, Hassanin Mohamed Atef, Hassanin Mohamed, Hassen Sayed, Hassouneh Anas, Hatzitheoklitos Efthimios, Hauer Andreas, Hauer Andreas, Hawksworth Jasn, Hayati Firdaus, Hecker Andreas, Helaly Rana, Helaly Hala, Hendi Maher, Hendrikx Bart, Hennessy Liz, Heumann Asmus, Hidalgo Salinas Camila, Hinojosa-Arco Luis C., Hirano Satoshi, Hirji Sameer, Hisham Zayan Abdelhafez Mohammed, Hmeedan Alaa, Hodgson Russell, Hogendorf Piotr, Hogg Melissa, Holmberg Marcus, Holroyd David, Holroyd David, Honselmann Kim, Hoogwater F.J.H., Hore Todd, Hosney Mahmoud Samir, Hourri Fatine, Houssem Ammar, Huhta Heikki, Iacomino Alessandro, Iacono Calogero, Iakovidis Charalampos, Iancu Ioana, Iannelli Antonio, Ibraheem Menna, Ibrahim Abdelrahman, Ibrahim Islam, Ibrahim Aini, Ibrahim Almabrouk Khalil Wegdan, Ibrahim Sallam Esraa, Ielpo Benedetto, Iflazoğlu Nidal, Ignatavicius Povilas, Ignjatovic Igor, Igorevich Baranov Andrey, Ilacer Millan Erik, Ilhem Ouahab, Iliakopoulos Konstantinos, Ilin Ievgen, Intini Sergio, Ioannidis Argyrios, Irakoze Pacifique, Isa Giulia, Ishii Takeshi, Isik Arda, Ismail Omar, Ismail Omar, Ismat Butt Usman, Issa Hala, Issabekov Ibragim, Itzhaki Ortal, Ivanov Gennady, Iype Satheesh, Izbicki Jakob, Izrailov Roman, Izzo Francesco, Izzo Maria Lucia, Jahaf Amir Al-Deen, Jain Sundeep, Jain Divakar, Jamal Dawood Ahmad, Jameleddine Kacem Montasser, Jamieson Nigel, Jawad Mohamad, Jeremic Ljiljana, Jessa Fatema, Jiménez-Romero Carlos, Jo Yeongsoo, Joglekar Shantanu, Johansson Mikael, John Solomon, Johnston Peter, Joma Aseef B. A., Jonas Jan Philipp, Jones Claire, Jorba Rosa, Jose B. Ramos Eduardo, Joseph Francis Neville, Jouffret Lionel, Jovine Elio, Juengling Niklas, Jugmohan Ben, Juloski Jovan, Juma Ali Abdalsalam Sabriya, Jun Kit Koong, Jurgaitis Jonas, Jurgaitis Jonas, Justo Iago, Kacimi Salah Eddine, Kadoura Lama, Kadri Exhevit, Kalayarasan Raja, Kaldarov Ayrat, Kalles Vasileios, Kamei Keiko, Kamel Ali Mohamed Ahmed, Kamphues Carsten, Kanavidis Prodromos, Kanta Sahu Saroj, Kapiris Stylianos A., Kapiris Stylianos A., Karabulut Mehmet, Karamarkovic Aleksandar, Karavias Dionysios, Karavokyros Ioannis, Karayalçın Kaan, Kardassis Dimitrios, Karim Ayed, Karoui Mehdi, Karuparthi Sreenivasan, Karydakis Lysandros, Kassem Amr, Kathirvel Manikandan, Katsanos Georgios, Katsaros Ioannis, Katsourakis Anastasios, Katysheva Anastasiia, Kauffmann Emanuele Federico, Kauppila Joonas H., Kausar Ambareen, Kayali Ahmad Amir, Kayali Hasan, Kayode-Nissi Victor, Kchaou Ali, Kechagias Aristotelis, Keck Tobias, Kelemen Dezső, Kelgiorgi Dionysia, Kent Tara, Kerem Mustafa, khader Abdullatef, Khader Theab Reem Abdelrahman, Khalel Wegdan, Khalifa Alaa, Khalife Mohamad, Khalil Wegdan, Khalil Amjad, Khamees Almuatasim, Khamees Almu'Atasim, Khamrui Sujan, Khan Zafar A., Khatkov Igor, Khattab Rahaf, Khattab Rahaf N., Khayyat Zain, Khdour Yazan, Khokhar Muhammad Imran, Khomiak Andrii, Khomiak Igor, Khutsishvili. Kakhi, Kimbrough Charles, Kirbes Klaus, Kirkovsky Leonid, Kiswani Gharam, Kit Koong Jun, kivisild margus, Klaase J.M., Klaus Alexander, Kleeff Jörg, Kleinubing Diego, Klos Dusan, Klose Johannes, Klug Reinhold, Kluger Michael, Klutts Garrett, Klymenko Andrii, Kmezic Stefan, Knowles Brett, Kocher Hemant, Koea Jonathan, Koea Jonathan, Koenigsrainer Alfred, Koh Peng Soon, Koh Ye Xin, Kokoropoulos Panagiotis, Kolovrat Marijan, Konstadoulakis Manousos, Konstantinidis Konstantinos M., Konstantinidis Michael K., Kontis Elissaios, Kontopoulou Christina, Koon Yoong Boon, Kopanakis Nikolaos, Kopchak Kostiantyn, Korayem Islam, Korch Moniba, Korcz Wojciech, Kordeni Kleoniki, Korkolis Dimitrios, Korn Sandra, Kornasiewicz Oskar, Kornprat Peter, Korotkov Sergey, Kostadinov Radoslav, Kostakis Ioannis, Kostov Daniel, Kostyantyn Kopchak, Kosztowny Konrad, Kotsifa Eugenia, Kotsifa Eygenia, Kouicem Aya Tinhinane, Kourdouli Amar, Koustas Pavlos, Krastev Panche, Krautz Christian, Kresoja Ignjatovic Milana, Kriger Andrey, Krinock Derek, Krones Carsten, Kryzhevskyi Vitalii, Kuany Thiep, Kuchin Denis, Kuemmerli Christoph, Kuliavas Justas, Kumar Suresh, Kumar Tarun, Kumar Vijay, Kumar Maiyauen Thanesh, Kuznetsov Georgy, KV Viswanathan, Kvasivka Oleksandr, Kvietkauskas Mindaugas, Kykalos Stylianos, Kyriazanos Ioannis, Kyriazanos Ioannis, Kyros Eleandros, Kyser Nina, La Vaccara Vincenzo, Lahiri Rajiv, Lakhey Paleswan Joshi, Lamm Ryan, Langella Serena, Lapolla Pierfrancesco, Larbi Mohammed Hakim, Larentzakis Andreas, Lasheen Reham, Latheef Abdul, Latif Javed, Lavu Harish, Lavy Ron, Lazzereschi Lucia, Lecolle Katia, Lee David, Leeds John, Leekha Nitin, Lellis Livia, Liam Ong Wee, Lidsky Michael E., Likos-Corbett Marina, Lim William, Lima Buarque Igor, Lin Yi-Ju, Lindberg James, Lins Soares Leite Thais, Liova Irene, Lip Seng Lee, Litvin Andrey, Lo Elisabeth, Lo Storto Giuseppe, Löb Stefan, Loch Florian, Loinaz Carmelo, Lombardi Raffaele, Loots Emil, Lopes Maria, López Andujar Rafael, López-Sánchez Jaime, Loveček Martin, Loveday Benjamin, Lukanova Tsonka, Lunca Sorinel, Lundgren Linda, Lupinacci Renato, Lyadov Vladimir, M. Fareed Ahmed, Machado Marcel Autran, Machairas Nikolaos, Madjov Rossen, Maehira Hiromitsu, Magdy Bothina, Magdy Shaaban Ammar, Magdy Shaaban Ammar, Maghrebi Houcine, Magistri Paolo, Magouliotis Dimitrios, Mahadik Monique, Mahafdah Mahmoud R., Mahfoodh Zainab, Mahfoz Abobakr Abobakr, Mahli Nihad, Mahmoud Abdelrahman, Mahmoud Faraj Sireen, Mahmoud Hamza Hesham, Mahmoud Nafea Ahmed, Mahmoud Omar Shamakhi Taha, Maida Pietro, Maione Francesca, Majbar Mohammed Anass, Majno-Hurst Pietro Edoardo, Makridis Georgios, Malde Deep, Malik Andrii, Malleo Giuseppe, Malpaga Anna, Mamuric Monica, Manassra Fatima, Manatakis Dimitrios, Manceau Gilles, Mannaa Doaa, Mansaleh Omair, Mansour Ahmed, Mansy Emad, Mantas Dimitrios, Manzia Tommaso Maria, Manzoni Alberto, Marcacuzco Alberto, Marcelino Luciano, Marcelino Luciano, Marcello Manuel, Marchegiani Giovanni, Marchese Tiziana, Marcos Juan Carlos, Marcucci Stefano, Mardare Mara, Mardhiyyah Binti Zamri Fatimah, Mardini Anas, Margaris Ioannis, Mari Jardinero Jose, Marino Marco V., Marjai Tamás, Markov Bozhkov Vasil, Marougkas Meletios, Maroulis Ioannis, Marques Narimã, Marques Narimã, Martí-Cruchaga Pablo, Martin Janet, Martín Belén, Martin Arnau Ana Belen, Martín-Perez Elena, Martins Rui Miguel, Martins Ruben, Martins Paulo N., Martinsone Katrina Deja, Marumo Thomas, Masetti M., Masri Ruqaya, Massadeh Noor, Massani Marco, Massaras Dimitrios, Massobrio Andrea, Mastrangelo Laura, Matei Sergiu, Mathew Sebastian George, Matías García Belén, Matsumoto Ippei, Matyja Maciej, Maupoey Ibáñez Javier, Mavros Michail, Mazlia Farzana Binti Suhaimi Nur, Mazza Oscar, Mazzaferro Vincenzo, Mazzella Elena, Mazzola Michele, Mbanje Chenesa, McCormack Lucas, Mcnally Stephen, Meerdink M., Mehdi Tobba Tharaa, Meier Olga, Melchor-Ruan Javier, Mellano Alfredo, Melo Torres Silvio, Memeo Riccardo, Memos Nikolaos, Menessy Ahmed, Meriem Abdoun, Merrett Neil, Metrakos Peter, Metwally Islam H., Metzger Ralf, Michail Marina, Michalopoulos Nikolaos, Migliore Marco, Miguel Vargas Fernández Jose, Mihaylov Vassil, Mikheiev Iurii, Mikulic Danko, Mikutaitis Vytenis, Mikutaitis Vytenis, Milanetto Anna Caterina, Milburn James, Milchev Chernopolsky Plamen, Milian Daniel, Milic Ljiljana, Militz Matheus, Militz Matheus, Millan Carlos, Mingoli Andrea, Mínguez Javier, Míriam Cantos Dra., Misca Mihaela, Mischinger Hans, Misra Sanjeev, Miyar de León Alberto, Mizgirev Denis, Moayyad Ahmed Yassin Laya, Mocchegiani Federico, Moeckli Beat, Moguel Valladares Andre, Mohamad Ikhwan Sani, Mohamed Mohamed, Mohamed Ahmed, Mohamed Ahmed, Mohamed Elgarhy Ibrahim, Mohamed Fahim Abdelrahman, Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed, Mohammad Altatari Ahmad, Mohammad Shaout Duaa, Mohammed Mahmoud, Mohammed Abu-Elfatth Ahmed, Mohammed Alsanany Ghadeer, Mohan Prem Vignesh, Mohan Adhikari Krishna, Mohandas Nair Ashitha, Moharam Modather, Mohmmed Bajjah Hadeel, Mohsen Maram, Mohsine Raouf, Mois Emil, Mokhtar Mahmoud Hussein Ahmed, Moletta Lucia, Molfino Sarah, Molina Raquel, Monib Fatma, Monier Ahmed, Montes-Manrique Mario, Montorsi Marco, Montuori Mauro, Morais Lucio, Moraldi Luca, Morales Miguel, Morales Rafa, Morales-Soriano Rafael, Morelli Luca, Morgom Marwa, Moris Dimitrios, Moro Francesco, Mortimer Matt, Motwani Kanchan, Motyka Agata, Mounira Rais, Mourad Mohamed, Moussa Ahmed, Mrowiec Slawomir, Msherghi Ahmed, Muahammad Inam Pal Khuwaja, Mudryak Daniil, Muhammad Abubakar Bala, Muhammed Ahmed Hussein Bajjah Hadeel, Muhezagiro Fabrice, Muiesan Paolo, Mulita Francesk, Muñoz Forner Elena, Muñoz-Bellvis Luis, Murad Abdelrahman, Muralidharan Vijayaragavan, Muriel Álvarez Pablo, Musallam Buwaitel Mohammad, Musina Ana-Maria, Musser Amanda, Mustafa Tahani, N. R. Venkatesh, Nabil Ahmed, Nabil Al Houri Hasan, Nabil Alhouri Ahmad, Nabil Mohammad Bilal, Nadalin Silvio, Nafa'A Hiba, Nafea Ahmed, Nageeb Omar, Nageh Mariam Albatoul, Nageh Fouly Mohammed, Naguib Mohamed, Nagy Mostafa, Najjar Amr, Nakamura Toru, Napetti Sara, Napoli Niccoló, Nappo Gennaro, Narasimhan Mohan, Nashed Ezzeldin, Nashidengo Abdulrashid Pueya, Nashidengo Pueya, Nasr Sara, Nasrelden Alansary Marwa, Nasri Muhammad, Natalya Anatolievna Li, Navadgi Suresh, Navarro Martínez Sergio, Nazarewski Lukasz, Nebbia Martina, Negoi Ionut, Negoiță Valentina, Neledova Liudmila, Nelli Tommaso, Neri Vincenzo, Netham Atia Janajreh Amani, Nevler Avinoam, Ng Zi Qin, Nicolini Daniele, Nigh Joe, Nigh Joseph, Nigri Giuseppe, Nijadat Dania, Nijkamp M.W., Nikfarjam Mehrdad, Nikfarjam Mehrdad, Nikolaev Evgeni, Nikou Efstathios, Nikov Andrej, Nistri Cristina, Niyonkuru Jérémie, Nortunen Minna, Novello Simone, Nunes Quentin, Nwogwugwu Obi, O'Balogun Aleem, O'Connor Victoria, Obed Aiman, Obeidat Khaled, Odion Clement, Öfkeli Özcem, Okomayin Andrew, Oldani Graziano, Oldhafer Karl J., Oliveira Barreto Garcia Fernanda, Oliver Tiffany, Omairan Abdulrahman, Omar Nehal, Omar Mohammed, Omar Salah Abrar, Omar Saleh Abrar, Omarieh Qais, Omer Mohammed, Omoshoro-Jones Jones, Omran Sarah, Ong Wee Liam, Orgoi Sergelen, ortega Irene, Osama Khan Muhammad, Osama Mohammed Kamel Abdelmawla Mohamed, Osborn Tamara, Osman Nermin, Osvaldt Alessandro, Oteem Ahmed, Othman Zeinab, Othman Zeinab, Othman Eman, Ouahab Ilhem, oubella sara, Oumayma Lahnaoui, Ouyahia Amel, Ozair Ahmad, Ozbilgin Mucahit, Özet Ahmet, Ozkan Omer Faruk, P. S Induchoodan, Pablo Farinelli, Pacilio Carlo Alberto, Padilla Rosciano Alejandro Eduardo, Padilla Valverde David, Padillo Javier Padillo, Pagkratis Spyridon, Palaia Raffaele, Paleino Sissi, Palini Gian Marco, Palumbo Rubina, Palumbo Rubina, Pandanaboyana Sanjay, Pandey Manoj, Pandey Durgatosh, Papa Mario Virgilio, Papadia Francesco Saverio, Papadoliopoulou Maria, Papadopoulos Vasileios N., Papakonstantinou Dimitrios, Papalampros Alexandros, Papatheodorou Panayiotis, Papaziogas Vasileios, Papet Eloise, Papiri Ilectra, Papis Davide, Paqui Luis, Parasyris Stavros, Pareek Puneet, Park James, Pasquale Tammaro, Pasquali Claudio, Patauner Stefan, Patel Krishnakumure, Patel Shirali, Paterna-Lopez Sandra, Patrone Renato, Patrono Damiano, Pavlek Goran, Pawar Praful, Payá Llorente Carmen, Pearson Andrew, Pedraza Salazar Ivana, Pędziwiatr Michał, Peker Kivanc, Pekmezci Salih, Pelaez Nuria, Peloso Andrea, Peng Soon Koh, Pereira Andre, Pérez-Aguirre Elia, Pericleous Stephanos, Perinel Julie, Perini Marcos, Perivoliotis Konstantinos, Perra Teresa, Pessaux Patrick, Pessia Beatrice, Petras Panagiotis, Petrea Sorin, Petrenko Konstantin, Petrič Miha, Petropoulou Zoe, Petrovic Igor, Petrucciani Niccolo, Petrulionis Marius, Piardi Tullio, Pierściński Stanisław, Piessen Guillaume, Pietro Majno-Hurst, Pighin Marina, Pillarisetty Venu, Pine James, Pinelli Domenico, Pinotti Enrico, Pinto Rinaldo, Piper James, Pipia Irakli, Piplani Charoo, Pippari Rashmitha, Pirozzolo Giovanni, Pisaniello Donatella, Pisaniello Donatella, Pisanu Adolfo, Pisconti Salvatore, Pisetska Margaryta, Pizzini Paolo, Plaudis Haralds, Plaza Gabriel, Pobelenko Artem, Podramagi Taavi, Polanco Patricio M., Polat Suleyman, Poletto Edoardo, Politis Dimitrios, Polkowski Wojciech, Polydorou Andreas, Ponzini Francesca, Poortmans Martin, Poortmans Natalie, Popov Alexey, Porcu Alberto, Pozios Ioannis, Prabowo Erik, Praetorius Christian, Prajapati Ramlal, Prakash Puneet, Pranger B.K., Prodehl Leanne, Protic Mladjan, Prountzopoulou Antonia, Pugliese Luigi, Purushothaman Govind, Qadan Motaz, Qatora Mostafa Shehata, Quayson Francis, Querini Giorgio, Quiroga Valcarcel Ana, Rababa Hebah, Rababah Ansam, Rababah Tasneem, Radenkovic Dejan, Radi Imad, Radkani Pejman, Radojkovic Milan, Radulovic Radisav, Radulović Radosav, Rafaat Mandor Ahmed, Ragot Emilia, Rahal Khaled, Rais Mounira, Rajan Shiv, Rakic Mislav, Ram Poonia Dharma, Ramachandran Srinivasan, Ramadan Dina, Ramadan Salma, Ramallo Dario Roberto, Ramamurthy Anand, Ramia Jose, Ramirez-Del Val Alejandro, Raptis Dimitrios, Raptis Dimitri, Raut Chandrajit, Rawicz-Pruszyński Karol, Ray Ramdip, Ray Sukanta, Recordare Alfonso, Recordare Alfonso Giovanni, Reddy Srikanth, Reddy Velagala Jayapala, Redondo Carlos, Reese Tim, Regi Paolo, Reichert Martin, Reichhold Daniel, Rhaiem Rami, Rhuma Heba, Riauka Romualdas, Richter Piotr, Rico-Morales Maria Del Mar, Riffi Omar, Risaliti Matteo, Roata Cristian Ene, Robert Papp, Roberta Rossi MD, Roberts Keith, Robertson Francis, Robin Fabien, Rodrigues Pablo, Rodriguez Jorge, Rodríguez Manuel, Rodriguez Alegria Cesar, Rodriguez-Lopez Mario, Rodríguez-Pino José Carlos, Rodriquez Jennifer, Roesel Raffaello, Roeyen Geert, Roldán de la Rúa Jorge F., Roman Gilbert, Romano Maurizio, Romic Ivan, Rompianesi Gianluca, Ronellenfitsch Ulrich, Ross Sharona, Rossaak Jeremy, Rossi Giorgio, Rossi Serena, Rosso Edoardo, Rotellar Fernando, Rothnie Alex, Roukounakis Nikolaos, Roukounakis Nikolaos, Roussel Edouard, Rowcroft Alistair, Rozza Hebatullah, Ruiz Patricia, Ruiz-Quijano Pablo, Ruo Leyo, Russell Thomas, Russolillo Nadia, Ruzzenente Andrea, Rymarowicz Justyna, S. Elbalka Saleh, Saa'd Hussam, Saad Mahmoud, Saad Mahmoud M., Saad Ahmed, Saadeh Ibraheem, Saavedra Jorge, Sabateen Marah, Sabbar Mohammed, Sabry Alsharif Doaa, Sabry Alsharif Doaa, Sabry Alsharif Doaa, Sadot Eran, Saeed Saad Ahmed, Saglam Sezer, Sahbaz Nuri Alper, Said Mohamed, Said Ahmed, Saif Wail, Saladino Edoardo, Salah Samer, Salah Mohamed, Salah Abrar, Salama Moaz, Saleh Ahmed, Saleh Ahmed, Saleh Hossam El-Dien, Saleh Suhil, Salem Mustafa, Salem Osama, Salem Rana, Saliev Timur, Salim Munoz Armando, Salman Dinah, Salomone Sara, Salvia Roberto, Samaan Doaa, Samaan Samy Sameh Samy, Samaan Samy, Samai Noureddine, Sami Eldaly Abdullah, Samir Mohamed Zahed Mohamed, Sampaio Adriano, Samy Samaan Sameh, Sanad Amr, Sanchez-Bueno Francisco, Sánchez-Cabús Santiago, Sánchez-Velázquez Patricia, Sandag Erdene, Sandström Per, Sapienza Paolo, Sarhan Abdelrahman, Sarmiento Ray I., Sartarelli Lodovico, Sasia Diego, Sathyanesan Jeswanth, Satoi Sohei, Savvala Natalia, Sayad Reem, Sayed Bassant, Sayed Hatem, Sayed Hassanien Marwan, Sayed İsmail Rahimi Fatema, Scabini Stefano, Scatton Olivier, Schemmer Peter, Schietroma Mario, Schizas Dimitrios, Schmidt Jan, Schmidt Carl, Schrittwieser Rudolf, Schrope Beth, Schütze Frank, Schwarz Lilian, Scognamiglio Pasquale, Scripcariu Viorel, Sebastian Garcia-Herrera, Secanella Lluis, Sędłak Katarzyna, Segura-Sampedro Juan José, Sellappan Harivinthan, Selmani Jonida, Semenenko Ivan, Serafini Simone, Sergeant Gregory, Serji Badr, Serrablo Alejandro, Serrano Pablo E., Sert Ismail, Sgarbura Olivia, Shaat Mohamed M., Shaban Mahmoud, Shaban Ben Hasan Najat, Shafqatullah Syed, Shah Kalpesh, Shaheen Ahmed, Shaikh Torab Sana, Sham Jonathan, Shaout Dua'A, Shapira Zahar, Sharma Dharmender, Sharma Nivedita, Sharma Dinesh, Shawahni Eman, Shcherba Aliaksei, Sheen Ali, Shehta Ahmed, Shinde R. M., Shingler Guy, Shokralla Shaher, Shoukrie Shoukrie, Shream Sarah, Shtewi Lyana, Shumrakh Saeed K., Shylenko Oleh, Siddique Harris, Siddiqui Tayyab, Sidiropoulos Theodoros, Sierzega Marek, Sikachov Sergei, Sileikis Audrius, Šileikis Audrius, Silovski Hrvoje, Singh Ayaskanta, Singh Arvind K., Singh Sudhir K., Singh Bhandari Ramesh, Sinnokrot Raghida, Siriwardena Ajith K., Sista Federico, Skalicky Pavel, Skaro Anton, Skipworth James, Skoryi Denys, Slavchev Mihail, Slepavicius Algirdas, Šlepavičius Algirdas, Slim Skander, Słodkowski Maciej, Smet Bart, Smith Andrew, Soggiu Fiammetta, Solaini Leonardo, Solar García Lorena, Solecki Michał, Soliman Alnour, Soliva Ramon, Soliva Domínguez Ramón, Solomonov Evgeny, Sommacale Daniele, Sotiropoulou Maria, Souadka Amine, Souche Francois-Regis, Souliman Mahmoud, Sousa Silva Donzília, Spampinato Marcello G., Spanu Andrada, Sparrelid Ernesto, Spatayev Zhanat, Spencer-Cole Richard T., Sperti Cosimo, Sreekumar R. 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British Journal of Surgery, Volume 111, Issue 1,

Abstracts by Dr. med. Olga Meier (Adamenko)

Publiziert in
2016, April
Comparison of robot-assisted and laparoscopic minimally invasive approaches for pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms
F. Muffatti, O. Adamenko, S. Partelli, R. Cirocchi, J. Desiderio, S. Crippa, A. Parisi, M. Falconi
HPB. April 2016; Volume 18, Supplement 2, Pages e774–e775
2016, Oktober
Delayed post-pancreatectomy hemorrhage after left pancreatectomy: Incidence, risk factors and unusual clinical presentations.
M. C. Salandini, F. Muffatti, M. Bissolati, O. Adamenko, F. Aleotti, S. Nobile, S. Crippa, S. Partelli, M. Falconi and G. Balzano
HPB 18:e774-e775 · April 2016; DOI: 10.1016/j.hpb.2016.01.30

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