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Our guiding principles

In our medical practice, we are committed to the following core principles that guide and define our work:


Our promise to you is first-class treatment based on the latest medical knowledge. Thanks to our extensive experience and an excellent network, we offer you the highest level of medical security.


Transparency is our priority . We attach great importance to providing you with comprehensive and clear information. We deliberately take the time to provide this information to ensure that you are fully informed.


Every patient is unique, with individual needs and wishes. We recognize this individuality and provide you with detailed advice, always respecting your decisions.

By presenting the case to the multidisciplinary tumor board, we achieve optimal care for cancer patients that is based on comprehensive professional expertise and takes the individual needs of each patient into account.


Our care extends from the initial consultation through the hospital stay to aftercare. We understand that the impact of an illness extends beyond the hospital stay and therefore ensure comprehensive and continuous care.

Working closely with your family doctor and specialized experts, we offer you an integrated treatment that not only targets the immediate illness, but is also aimed at improving your health in the long term.

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